Writing first.

Today, writing is subjected to an increasing flattening in the logic of “service”, reduced to didactic or ancillary functions, with the result of the substantial loss of its fundamental heuristic potential.

The fields we work on flourish at the intersection where design methodologies and applications meet the need to adopt strategies that go beyond the logic of functionalization.

Our research moves against the current digital intoxication, markedly hyper-technological, with the aim of identifying and enhancing the analogical foundations of the culture of writing as a key tool in any design process.

Writing meets Design

We work in the different directions offered by applications that make extensive use of writing both as a design tool and as the content itself.

Writing to communicate

It's a bit like saying eat to nourish yourself - or rather, breathe to live. We are in the domain of the obvious. But in reality there is more...

Writing To Inform

If we had to choose between telling and informing, we would certainly have to sacrifice the first of these two practices. But are we sure that one does not contain the other? That informing is not a form of narration? And that without one the other would be impossible, sterile, meaningless?

Writing To Entertain

Come to think of it, even the walls speak. And the chairs, the bicycles, the trains. And the mountains, the stones, the waters of the stream. But all this is poetry. Instead in a movie, in a song, in a play, in a video there is much more writing than it is given to see.

Writing To Publish

If it doesn't come out it doesn't exist. Or: if they publish it to you, you're good. That is: what you write makes no sense if it is not edited, approved, paginated, printed, published, distributed, purchased, read – and then perhaps thrown away or abandoned.

Writing To Kwow

Writing is a totally empirical fact, a continuous test made of attempts to understand how to say this or that so that it has the due recognition: first of all to be understood. And it is precisely here that the revelation that study is the secret of control comes true.

Writing To Learn

To start writing you need a path, not a course. So you don't run: you travel a route. An introductory walk in the lands of writing. To touch on some key points of writing, reveal the weaknesses of our relationship with this practice, and finally decide whether we are really interested in going deeper and tackling a more specialized path.

Not Writing

With the arrival of Generative Pre-trained Transformation models, writing is under attack not by a technology but by the use we make of it. A use intended to impoverish it of its deepest aspects, to the point of reducing it to a non-doing at the service of something else.

We design writing tools
for students and creatives

Beyond an analog dictionary and the willingness to consult it regularly, you might enjoy to use one of our devices meant for designing by simply writing.