We write.

When possible or when needed, we do this. Not just for passion or as a job: it’s an activity that takes our time and mind, especially when we deal with design and communication projects that ask for innovative thinking and vision. And writing is where all starts. Always.

We collaborate.

Starting with us, Italian design today also includes writing design as a discipline. We have created the opportunity to enrich the consolidated methodologies of both physical and digital design with the fundamental tools offered by writing. Because writing is not just traveling without the hassle of luggage, as Emilio Salgari says, and it’s not just the expressive device offered to us by our language (whatever it is). Writing is simply a design tool from which to start to get to any result. Whether it’s a story or an adv campaign, a video game or a podcast, a graphic novel or a web series, a blog or a brand story. But also a table or a lamp, a tool or a system, a product or a service, a brand or a start-up. And again, an event, a party, a trip, and again, and again…

We crew.

Friends, colleagues, and researchers. We measure ourselves only with the curiosity of going to see what will happen when our ideas translate into wonders that are impossible to imagine before. We don’t work, no. We write.

Francesco Carpita


Alessandro Lodovini



Content writer





People who talk about us

We were born recently but there are already people talking about us!

We design stories.

Our lives are ceaselessly intertwined with narratives. The “re-” of our research means moving our vision forward along the time vector to imagine and draw what is not yet defined, but is already in progress. This is the sense of one of our main themes. Because “we live immersed in narratives”, as Peter Brooks says, and we feel the duty to bring to the surface and share those stories outside the often unconscious monologue in which they flow.