We publish.

We aim at making the outcomes of our research on paper, since publishing is the karma of any writing activity.

Writing research transferred into reading matter

The Laboratory rewards our researchers by making their’ work public and accessible.


manuale distruzione is the first narrative experiment of the Writing Design Lab. Developed at ISIA Firenze under the framework of Taleb's Antifragile philosophy, this 500 pages book is made of 7 stories written by 7 Narrative Units. There's no common plot, just triads of recurrent semantics interwoven by a recombinant logic through narrative grafts. The published result is a puzzle of unpredictable micro-tales, interconnected through well hidden details..

Urbarïum Semen: An Unconventional Travel Journal
Modern tourism often results in superficial visits. Iconic sites create congestion and detach places from their everyday context, reducing objects to mere photo subjects.
Conceived, designed and edited by Virginia Viapiano and published by Frab’s publishing in 2020, Urbarïum is a blank notebook and unique travel guide for personal experiences. It is a seed to nurture, helping us remember our journey’s vibrations.
Designed to view a city through different eyes, Urbarïum focuses on lesser-known spots, avoiding typical tourist traps and emphasizing unique places and atmospheres, akin to botanical herbariums of the 18the century, requiring detailed observation and understanding.

Design: Botanical-themed pages to retain memories.
Author: Virginia Viapiano
Editor in chief: Massimo Alvito
Language: Italian
Dimensions: 13x20 cm
Pages: 108
Paper: Favini Crush Mais (130 g interior, 350 g cover) using 15% industrial fruit waste for a vibrant feel
Binding: Exposed thread
Printing: Offset